When I am not constructing the latest and most technically challenging facades throughout the United Kingdom, you will often find me wandering the streets of Glasgow or hills and coasts of Scotland with my camera in hand.

I have had an interest in photography since the late 1980’s as the work of Oscar Marzaroli caught my attention when I bought the Deacon Blue album Raintown which featured one of his images on the sleeve and shortly after when I was gifted a copy of his book “Shades of Grey”. This continued as a hobby through the following years of film and escalated in 2005 when I switched to digital as I was able to process my shots. 

My choice of subject matter is somewhat eclectic as I simply shoot whatever interests me. My favourite subjects include landscapes, seascapes, longer exposure day scenes, night scenes, cityscapes and architecture.

Photography for me is started out purely a leisure pursuit. It now forms a vital part of my business as I use my photographs to show Clients and Architects what can be constructed and equally importantly how it is built safely.

I do enjoy the challenge of getting my images published in newspapers, magazines and books. My images can be purchased and are available in various print sizes, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I thank you for visiting and hope that you will enjoy viewing my photographs. Please use the email link on the contact page if you have any questions or comments.

David Cation

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